Triangle Associates

President: Alice Shorett
2001 revenues: $1.38 million
Projected 2002 revenues: $1.4 million
Location: 811 First Ave., Seattle

Keeping close ties to current and past clients helps Triangle Associates weather tough economic times, according to President Alice Shorett. “We’ve responded by staying close to customers,” she said. “We’ve gotten repeat work that way and that’s how we expect to get it in the future.”

About one-third of Triangle’s work is mediation, one-third is education and one-third is facilitating policy roundtables. Shorett said the firm has avoided exposure to aerospace and technology sectors, and stuck to sectors with more steady revenue streams such as sewer and water utilities.

“Doing business with government is pretty difficult now because so many governments are struggling with meeting basic obligations,” she said. “But we happen to have contracts with sectors of government that have their own tax and revenue stream, like sewer and water utilities.”

The economic slowdown has not meant employee cuts, but Shorett said the firm has cut back on IT spending and reduced the frequency of business travel.

Throughout the recession, Shorett said her firm’s mediation work for complicated environmental cases has held steady. “Many salmon and water issues in the Pacific Northwest have many parties,” she said. “I think the environmental laws are here to stay. We’re in a transitional period, and people are just now developing plans for how to deal with the endangered species.”

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