Jones & Jones

Specialty: Architecture and landscape architecture
Management: Ilze Jones, principal and president
Year founded: 1969
Headquarters: Seattle
Current projects: Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center, Seattle Chinese Garden, Hanford Reach National Monument Heritage and Visitor Center, Cesar Chavez Park, Vancouver Landbridge

One of Jones & Jones Architects and Landscape Architects’ largest projects in recent years was the Smithsonian National Museum of American Indians, on which the firm was lead designer for architecture, landscape and the interior. While the Washington, D.C., project was a major commission for the firm, another priority is local projects, according to landscape architect Nathaniel S. Cormier.

“It’s a real desire to provide leadership in our communities, as Grant and Ilze did in the 1970s,” Cormier said. “Initially, the focus of a firm is local, and as its reputation grows the projects go farther and farther afield. There are great opportunities throughout the world, but we’re really interested in recommitting ourselves to our region.”

An example is open space the firm is designing on Mount Baker Ridge. The project, Cormier said, will enliven the nearby commercial strip and offer views of downtown Seattle. “We came up with a fun design that features a sunset dial.”

He said the firm’s strength will continue to be integrating environments by weaving inside and outside spaces. The firm shines, he said, when given the chance to resolve the conflict between buildings and environments. “We see landscape architecture as a meaningful partner to architecture.”

The firm hopes to continue developing green infrastructure systems that provide ecological services, such as stormwater management and flooding abatement. And where better than here?

“We feel like Cascadia is this lab where, because the level of literacy is so high, the best work can be done here at home,” Cormier said.

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