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Marcia Johnson Interior Designs

Our challenge, as the Interior Design consultant for the Bell Street Harbor Conference Center Facility was to develop a Conference Center interior responsive to the vitality of the complex architectural composition and the exuberance of this spectacular site. We strived to create a color and materials palette simultaneously reflective of the tranquil splendor of Elliott Bay waterscape and the vibrant activity of the port/waterfront traffic and commerce.

The concept for the palette was inspired by Northwest indigenous materials, the colors of the seascape, and finishes reminiscent of the industrial/commercial aspects of the waterfront. Vertical-grain Douglas Fir and Hemlock, detailed with steel and aluminum, panel the North/East elevations and casework. The colors were selected to impart a sense of warmth and providing a backdrop to the expansiveness of the South/West window walls and views of the Port beyond.

Bell Street Harbor Conference Facility

In contrast, the South and West elevation finishes reflect the Freight Ships, Cargo Containers and Cranes in the Harbor. Surfaces painted "Lead Red," "Cargo Container Yellow/Ochre," and "Sea Gray/Green" are detailed with Steel base and corner guards and Aluminum light fixtures. Metal-clad Box Entry Vestibules to the Plenery and Dining Rooms are treated with a custom finish inspired by the bow of a "Kobe" freighter.

We also worked with Hewitt Isley in selecting the colors for the building's exterior. Like the interior, the exterior colors are modeled after traditional maritime colors and shades of the waterfront. The waterfront buildings that will be used for industrial purposes were given bright, vivid colors. In contrast, the public facilities were given more subduded, natural colors to serve as a backdrop to events and activities.

Custom carpet designs also incorporate colors and patterns inspired by water motifs create a transition between the indigenous and industrial materials. Six carpet designs of Sea Blue/Green, Steel/Charcoal Blue, Whitecap, Ochre and Salmon are utilized to reflect the individual function and design concept of each of the Prefunction/Lobby Areas, Banquet/Dining, Conference Rooms, Board Room and Plenary. Bordering the carpet, at the Reception floor, thresholds, and countertops throughout, Gascogne Blue Limestone is accented by Azul Santa Cruz, Arden Blue, Amber Garnet, Carnelian and Blue Bahia granites.

Acoustical wall and ceiling fabrics, incorporated throughout the Meeting Rooms, Dining/Banquet Room, Board Room and Plenary, were selected to compliment each function area's distinctive design concept.

Departing from the "standard" conference facility table and chair styles, we selected and designed furniture responsive to the unique character of this site and architecture.

The conference chairs are state of the art ergonomic designs. Made by Herman Miller, the "Aeron" Chair, with its breathable "Pellicle" membrane that replaces traditional upholstery, is guaranteed to provide 8-10 hour comfort. The chair is used throughout the facility.

Stackable Dining Chairs with brushed-aluminum frames and saddle leather seat and backs were selected for their comfort, durability and lightweight flexibility. Lounge furnishings, responsive to the architectural design, including a compliment of styles, scaled for comfort and flexibility.

From within, the aesthetic transition between the interior palette and the exterior vistas, the architectural geometry and color, gives the visitor the sense of being an integral part of the Elliott Bay/Bell Street Harbor experience.

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