Lemieux Library

Photo by Chris McCormick
Long, thin, split-faced brick reminiscent of the 1960s was used on Lemieux Library at Seattle University. Some of the brick was installed with the back showing to create flat “stripes” within the coursing.

Location: Seattle
Mason contractor: R&D Masonry
Architect: Mithun Architects
Owner: Seattle University
Materials supplier: Mutual Materials Co.

Lemieux Library combines new construction and renovation to offer a state-of-the-art facility of more than 125,000 square feet at Seattle University.

The architect wanted to tie the connection with the past with an artistic look of the future. The brick chosen was red roman: a long, thin, split-faced brick reminiscent of the 1960s. The design called for some of the brick to be installed with the backs showing, creating flat “stripes” within the coursing.

The red brick matches many of the traditional schoolhouse brick of the Seattle University campus, while the length, size and pattern make it unique.

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