Washington Park hilltop residence

Photo by Michael McFadden
The Washington Park home’s stone cladding was cut then flamed to create texture.

Location: Seattle
Mason contractor: Hallocks Masonry
Architect: Stuart Silk Architects
Materials supplier: Quarra Stone Co.

The diagram for the design of this home forms an “H”; the entry, living and dining areas are in a single pavilion-like structure in the middle section and are flanked by two long wings.

Stone was selected as the exterior cladding because the design goal was to create an expression that would stand the test of time not only from a maintenance and durability perspective, but also from a point of style. All of the stone was cut then flamed to give the exterior a tactile, textural quality.

Because of the warm coloration of this specific stone, the house achieves the timeless contemporary vision that was sought.

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