October 12, 2006

CREW: It’s not just for women

  • The organization offers men a place for networking, education and career encouragement.
    Colliers International


    As managing director for Colliers International Realty Advisor’s consulting and valuation group in the Northwest, it’s my job first and foremost to immerse myself in our industry. We have over 75 specialists located throughout North America, but knowing my own business backyard is the springboard for my success.

    As a member of CREW Seattle, I have direct access to some of the brightest and the best on our local playing field. Many of my clients are CREW members and the organization does an excellent job of keeping us connected, informed and educated.

    CREW’s national presence is a bonus as, if need be, CREW chapter members across the country can be called upon for business collaboration and consultancy.

    Since our clientele consists of movers and shakers in the commercial real estate world, CREW involvement is a given. The membership consists of a broad array of developers, bankers, attorneys, governmental agencies and others. These are my clients. And since I am responsible for heading my division’s new business development and maintaining client relationships, it is important for me to be out in the trenches, meeting the players and researching the market.

    Organizations like CREW provide our company with a direct link to our base. Bottom line? We have to be with, and be visible to, our clients. It is imperative that we maintain strong ties with professional organizations that represent the upper echelon of our industry. The fact that CREW limits its rota by industry affiliation is a strong and persuasive prerequisite for membership.

    A well-known high-end condo developer was asked by a newspaper columnist to define his “buyer profile.” He tartly responded, “Rich people.” The same can be said for CREW. If you are looking for an organization that contains the upper crust of the commercial real estate industry, this is a no-brainer. The question you have to ask yourself, if you’re not a member, is “What are you waiting for?”

    By now, you may have noticed that I am of the male persuasion. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, there are many of us. CREW may be selective in member qualification, but it isn’t sexist. Quite the opposite.

    And as the father of three outstanding and gorgeous young daughters who have very high expectations, I believe that CREW is vitally important in mentoring and providing opportunities for young women interested in the commercial real estate world. CREW raises the expectation bar and lays the groundwork for the upward mobility of women in real estate. It provides the networking, training and encouragement needed for professionals to band together and to advance and promote their careers. I want my daughters to be able to surpass their father and I have chosen to support organizations that will enable them do it.

    Daniel Boring, MAI, CCIM, MRICS, is managing director Colliers International Realty Advisors Seattle.

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