December 7, 2007

Commercial real estate continues its strength



The Commercial Brokers Association is hosting its 11th annual Commercial Real Estate Insights breakfast today for the commercial real estate community.

Insights is co-hosted by the Daily Journal of Commerce, Bentall Capital, the law firm Foster Pepper and Homestreet Bank. It brings together experts from different segments of the industry with local and national perspectives, to give their best insights into the business for the near and mid-term. Despite some cautiousness on the residential side of the real estate ledger, analysts on the commercial side continue their optimistic outlook for business in our region.

This year’s speakers include: Linda Berman, president of Team I-Sight; John M. Parker, principal, president and CEO of Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel; and Dennis Wilde, principal with Gerding Edlen.

Berman is a brand consultant who has worked with Disney, AT&T, Nike, Coca-Cola, MTV, the NFL and the New York Jets, among others, to redefine and refine their brands. Prior to starting her own firm, Berman served as vice president of branding and communication at Caruso Affiliated. She is a sought-after speaker on retail, trends, consumer behavior and what she calls the “urban landscape.”

Parker was director of acquisitions at Kennedy Associates until last March, when he assumed the position of president and CEO. He focuses on the day-to-day operations as well as the strategic direction of the firm. As a member of the firm’s investment committee, he participates in all strategic considerations for the entire Kennedy portfolio.

Wilde has a passion for sustainable urban development. From his graduate studies in architecture and urban planning to his current role at Gerding Edlen, environmental responsibility and smart design are central to his philosophy. As Gerding Edlen’s designated “green guy,” Wilde has encouraged increased sustainability in development projects while building a strong business case for the economic and social benefits of environmental responsibility. He has more than 20 years of experience in urban planning and design, and has been active in construction and real estate development since 1967.

Formed by the commercial real estate brokerage community in 1977 to create a vehicle for member brokers to share information about available commercial properties with each other, CBA is celebrating its 30th year in business. With more than 4,600 members and a staff that researches nearly 15,000 properties for sale or lease, CBA provides the most comprehensive database of information on commercial real estate in the Pacific Northwest. With access to information on available properties, recent sales and statistical information about market performance, CBA members are able to provide their customers and clients with complete and accurate information about the commercial real estate marketplace.

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