December 11, 2008

David A. Sabey
Sabey Corp.


Born and raised in Washington, Sabey spent the past 40 years building a successful real estate development company specializing in data centers, health care and the renovation of historic Pacific Northwest buildings.

Through that experience, Sabey has developed a keen awareness of the importance of communications technology as a key driver of our economy and as a means to leverage the world’s diverse intellectual capital and to share its most sophisticated skill sets.

Sabey recently established the Seattle Science Foundation to support the collaboration of medical science and technology through high-bandwidth transmissions among the world’s most talented practitioners.

Sabey gets personal
1. If you had $5 million of pocket change, where would you invest it?
I’d purchase the Klickitat County Landfill.

2. Where is your favorite place to travel?
Florence, Italy (Pitti Palace).

3. Who’s your favorite musician?
Hank Williams Jr.

4. Worst mistake in real estate?
Selling the corner of 148th and 40th Northeast in Bellevue too soon and too cheap; it later became the headquarters for Nintendo.

5. Most humorous real estate story?
In the late ‘70s we moved the Bank of the West Building across the street in Bellevue. On the morning of the move my banker left me the following voice message: “I have a gun and a bottle of Jack Daniels on my desk, call me at the end of the day and tell me which one to use.”

Through SSF and his involvement in the region’s growing medical community, Sabey is helping to advance a global health-care network with Seattle as a central node.

Sabey and his wife, Sandy, have three children, two of whom work in the family business.

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