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October 17, 2005

Letter to the Editor: Seawall troubles are nothing new

The problems you describe ("New troubles for the seawall: more worms," DJC Oct., 12) are not new, nor are they newly "discovered." I'm a professional engineer with a technical specialty in structures, including bridges.

When I first started working in this city in 1978 we knew then that the seawall was in trouble and that it had considerable infestation of marine borers. This was public information in published reports that were available to all the city, county and state officials. These officials have ignored this problem all these years in favor of more high profile and glamorous projects like the new stadiums.

As far as I am concerned the behavior of these public officials is nothing more than a total dereliction of duty and responsibility. This also extends to that death trap, the Alaskan Way viaduct. I avoid it like the plague and tell my kids to stay off it. Our public officials have ignored this problem also, even though it was common knowledge that this structure was at risk.

Another dereliction of duty. Solving these problems is not so much a matter of money, although the cost now has become a consideration after all the gold plating that has gone on with the current proposals to fix these two problems. Its more a matter of will.

Thanks for your article

Arthur Rack, PE

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