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Reprints and Web Links

Reprints can be ordered as:

PDFs: PDFs can be reprinted unlimited times from your computer or sent as e-mail attachments, in letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) or tabloid size (11 inches by 17 inches). The PDF will be sent to you via email, or you may download it from the DJC server (upon request).

Color prints: Printed on photo-quality paper using a color ink jet printer, in letter size (8.5 inches by 11 inches) or tabloid size (11 inches by 17 inches); color prints include a PDF file which can be emailed to you prior to printing.

Prices are:

    $25 for a PDF, letter or tabloid sized (electronic file, emailed to you)
    $75 for a letter size COLOR PRINT (multiple copies at 50% each)
    $85 for a tabloid size COLOR PRINT (multiple copies at 50% each)

Any order needs to be paid for before delivery (charge preferred).

For an order form, click here. Print it out and fax it back to the DJC at (206) 622-8416 or email it.

Click to view Sample 1 and Sample 2.

For more information regarding reprints, contact Trista Allen, (206) 622-8272 or email .

Web Links:

A story that is not already available without a subscription may be made available to the wide public (i.e. “unlocked”) with a one-time $50 unlock fee. This will allow the customer to send out an email with the link to the story, or link to the story from their website. Purchase of a Web link also allows permission to post PDFs on websites.

It is our policy not to allow DJC stories to be copied for display on another website without the purchase of a $50 Web link fee.


    $50 one-time unlock fee

    $75 to post your custom-made PDF (see above) on your website; this price includes the cost of a PDF and the Web Link unlock fee

The person to talk to regarding the Web story unlock fee is Trista Allen, (206) 622-8272 or email Trista.

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