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April 20, 2015

Amazon DuPont fulfillment center

Photos by Nat Levy [enlarge]

Amazon.com’s 1 million-square-foot fulfillment center in DuPont opened last year at 2700 Center Drive.

The $100 million automated warehouse is one of 10 “eighth-generation” distribution centers the company has built in the U.S., and uses robots to lift heavy objects.

The robotic centerpiece is a six-ton robotic arm, named Optimus Stow to Prime, which can lift 3,000-pound pallets 24 feet above the floor.

Small orange robot “divers” move storage bins that have been filled by employees and prepare them for shipping. Employees put items into the bins while software tracks their location.

Once items are packed, employees put boxes on conveyor belts and send them for loading onto trucks.

The DuPont building is Amazon’s third distribution center in the state, with others in Sumner and Bellevue. Amazon is close to finishing a fourth distribution center in Kent.

Owner: Amazon.com

Developer: Duke Realty, Indianapolis

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