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May 26, 2017

Civil contractor: Safety
Under 100,000 hours (TIE)

Nova Group

Nova’s safety program strives to make sure that employees and subcontractors have the knowledge and skills to perform their jobs safely.

Nova requires that all the safety training documents are listed with an activity hazard analysis. Copies of training documents for each worker are kept on each project. Spreadsheets are posted on project sites showing training certifications for workers.

Nova’s safety program promotes safety integrity in its program by requiring risk analyses for specific hazards. Written procedures for reducing these risks are required, and procedures must be adhered to. If workers witness any safety misconduct in any form, they are encouraged speak up.

Nova offers various ways to let employee voices be heard, including an open-door policy and a 800 number employees can call and report anonymously.

Nova’s safety program requires the involvement of employees and subcontractors to resolve safety issues, concerns and corrections daily in a timely manner.

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