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May 26, 2017

General contractor: Safety
100,000-250,000 hours

Photo courtesy of Charter Construction
Elske Finnoe is Charter Construction’s safety director.

Charter Construction

Charter Construction’s safety program promotes values of skill, integrity and responsibility by having integrity and accountability in all their actions, exceeding client expectations in everything they do, having a strong and intelligent work ethic, promoting a culture that helps team members achieve their highest potential, and earning a profit from their work.

Recently Charter Construction has started using an external application for auditing its construction sites. The application, iAuditor, has been an integral part of the company’s safety auditing structure.

Its features allow Charter to develop and customize the audit template in order to reflect the needs of Charter’s small and large projects. Additionally, photos can be taken with smartphones or tablets, and immediately imported into the application.

The innovation with this technology allows Charter’s safety team to audit sites in real time and have the information available immediately, which allows the team to make any safety corrections without much lag time.

As safety is often a time-sensitive issue, the technology at hand allows the team members to close loops much sooner and address any immediate and ongoing safety concerns.

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