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May 15, 2015

Subcontractor: Safety
Under 150,000 hours

Photo courtesy of Poppoff
Poppoff has a strict hardhat and safety glasses policy.


The American Society of Concrete Contractors released a new employee orientation video last year focusing on common activities and chemicals used every day by concrete finishers, which Poppoff promptly shared with employees.

It was particularly critical to get employees up to date on the harmful effects of silica. Poppoff considers it “a breath of fresh air” to be able to reveal job hazards before employees even set foot on site.

Poppoff has a strict hardhat and safety glasses policy and may be the only area concrete subcontractor that does so. Poppoff’s leadership in this practice has led to an increase in concrete contractors, working with the same general contractors, integrating similar programs and practices.

Poppoff also prohibits work above them while their staff are working on concrete slabs. This prevents injuries to employees who are typically bent over or on their knees, and are therefore more exposed to hazards. The rule is yet another Poppoff practice that many general contractors have adopted into their safety program with other trades.

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