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May 15, 2015

Subcontractor: Safety
500,000-1 million hours

Photo courtesy of University Mechanical Contractors
UMC crews are motivated by a “pride-based” safety culture that encourages them to look out for one another.

University Mechanical Contractors

University Mechanical Contractors is an industry leader in safety, with employees empowered to take ownership of the safety program and share innovative ideas that emphasize safety. This safety-first attitude is evident throughout the organization.

Starting with first-day orientation, crews learn that they are part of an outstanding safety team with a “pride-based” safety culture involving four key elements: risk assessment, leading by example, “5 for 5,” and own your zone. These elements underscore the importance of pride-based safety — a powerful concept that motivates UMC crews to work safely and to look out for one another, and helps to send their people home every day without injury.

UMC also adds new elements in response to adverse situations and compelling insights, and proactively steps up to solve issues.

UMC CEO Jerry Bush states, “Safety is the most important aspect of our work. We attain productivity and profitability through safe and well-planned projects. Projects that are focused on planning and building value have yielded the best safety results.”

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