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May 15, 2015

General contractor: Safety
Under 150,000 hours

Photo courtesy of Dawson Construction
Dawson Construction worked to improve its safety processes last year.

Dawson Construction

Dawson Construction has worked hard to remove the idea of safety being merely a set of rules to be followed, focusing instead on safety being an integral part of its culture.

In 2014, process improvement was the key to the company’s safety success. Its Focused Safety Checklist provides detailed rules and project-compliance information, with pictures and bulleted explanations to raise awareness, educate staff and document safety compliance.

Dawson also uses iPads with an auditing app to provide clear, concise and immediate feedback to jobsite superintendents and project managers. Resulting data helps identify and focus resources on areas of concern, and helps as well to recognize persons or projects for exemplary performance.

Dawson’s crews approach safety as they would any team sport, where success is won by keeping one’s head in the game, playing as a team and having each other’s back. This concept is not new or groundbreaking, but is simple and relatable, and has positively impacted Dawson’s safety culture and performance.

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