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May 4, 2018

Exterior Residential • Washington

Photo provided by NWCB
The finish coat applied to this Mercer Island house can self-clean.

Mercer Island residence

Location: Mercer Island

Contractor: Phampena

Architect: Sera Architects

Team: Amerimix, ClarkDietrich/Vinyl Corp., Evergreen Building Products, Sto Corp.

This 12,000-square-foot waterfront property on Mercer Island has an exterior nearly as breathtaking as the view overlooking Lake Washington.

The home’s exterior was wrapped with the luxurious high-end line of Sto Corp.’s Gold Coat, which is a fluid-applied air and weather barrier. A layer of 60-minute building paper was then applied, followed by a carefully crafted drain screen by Sto.

Structa Wire trim track was fastened, and pre-blended Amerimix stucco was artistically applied using the scratch-and-brown technique. Sto’s reinforcing mesh and base coat was applied over the cured brown coat to complete the exterior’s build.

The finish coat was Sto’s Freeform smooth texture with Lotus-Effect technology with its ability to self-clean like a lotus leaf through the advancement of sustainable biomimicry.

Judge’s comment: “The clean lines and smooth stucco finish are perfect for this prairie-style inspired masterpiece, what a beautiful home!”

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