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May 4, 2018

Exterior Residential • Oregon

Photo provided by NWCB
The stucco exterior lends a classic look to this 121-unit Portland apartment building.

North Hollow apartments

Location: Portland

Contractor: Applied Restoration

Architect: Sera Architects

Team: BMI Products, ClarkDietrich/Vinyl Corp., Dryvit Systems, Masonry Technology, Spears Construction Supply, Stockton Products, Tremco, Western Materials

North Hollow apartments is a six-story, wood-framed apartment building in the heart of Portland’s Goose Hollow neighborhood. Its beautiful exterior testifies to the great wall and ceiling craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest.

The exterior design uses a Tremco liquid-applied air-and-weather barrier, Masonry Technology drainage mat, Structa Wire lath, BMI cement plaster, EPS architectural shapes, Dryvit reinforcing mesh, polymer-modified base coat, Dryvit integrally colored acrylic finish, and Pecora sealants — all with a special complete system warranty for 15 years.

Judge’s comment: “This project is a great example of how modern stucco insulated products and techniques can give a classic look of a century ago.”

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