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May 20, 2022

Specialty Contractor 100,000 to 500,000 Worker Hours

Photo courtesy of Andgar Corp.
Andgar has achieved 701 days since its last recordable injury.

Andgar Corp.

Every day Andgar faces certain challenges within its safety program but none more challenging than complacency. Andgar has achieved 701 days since its last recordable injury, a record that continues to grow each day. With this success comes a sense of false security as employees become accustomed to doing their job tasks a certain way and become numb to the hazards that are present around them. It is not until the company or the employee themselves have a near miss or a severe injury that they regain their focus towards safety, but by then it is too late.

For a company that holds safety at the highest level, Andgar needed to change how it thinks and deals with complacency in safety. To combat complacency, Andgar has implemented the job hazard analysis form, which is to be completed each day before beginning work. The project supervisor will list each job task for the day, identify the hazards that are associated with each job task, and provide a control method/safeguard to eliminate the hazards. Once complete, the job hazard analysis form will be discussed, reviewed, and signed by all employees on site. During the day, if a job task changes, the job hazard analysis form will be updated, discussed, reviewed, and initialed by the employees that are performing the different job tasks.

Even by implementing the job hazard analysis form and bringing safety to the forefront to each employee before work has started, workers can still become complacent on how they fill out the job hazard analysis form and how they deliver the message of safety. Andgar keeps the process and message fresh when completing the job hazard analysis form. It shakes up the daily process and message with an energy that makes an everyday process and message seem interesting and engaging.

Coming up with a way to keep things fresh and interesting is as much of a challenge for management as it is to employees to stay interested. Andgar has accomplished this by having the project field supervisor assign each employee a day that they will be responsible to complete the job hazard analysis form, the discussion, and the review with coworkers, and updating the job hazard analysis form throughout the day if job tasks change. By doing this, Andgar also implements one of its core safety beliefs that safety is a team effort, and each employee needs to take ownership in keeping themselves and their coworkers safe each day.

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