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May 20, 2022

General Contractor More Than 1.5 Million Worker Hours

Photo courtesy of Howard S. Wright
Howard S. Wright held a safety stand down in May.

Howard S. Wright

Howard S. Wright implemented quite a few best practices in the previous year. One practice that has enabled HSW to track all craft worker training is a hardhat sticker system. Each standard that is trained has a corresponding sticker for the participant to display on their hardhat. This enables HSW to verify an individual immediately, ensuring that only trained and qualified personnel are performing the appropriate tasks.

Along with the training stickers, HSW was able to dedicate a primary trainer with a daily schedule of classes. This helped to ensure that all personnel were put through proper courses promptly. Part of the training curriculum included developing a foreman course with a binder that contained site safety policies, best practices, and leadership guidance. All foremen were required to attend a series of courses designed to set them up for safety success, culminating with a receipt of the binder for use as a template going forward.

HSW also developed and implemented a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) inspection tag to be used on all equipment, not only for HSW but also for its subcontractors. This is a waterproof tag with the components that need to be checked and verified on one side, and on the other, spots for daily initials after inspection. This tag system ensures that HSW has an inspection sheet able to withstand outdoor elements, and like the hardhat stickers, can be verified at a glance. HSW has placed them at the entrance gates on each MEWP to serve as a visual reminder for the occupants to perform proper safety inspections. HSW made sure to deploy this new implementation at multiple morning safety meetings while handing out tags to all the crews.

As the construction industry continues to innovate new products and designs for safety equipment, HSW is committed to embracing a new style of the hardhat. The company finally decided on a brand based on several safety factors. This manufacturer has developed a new damage control system that absorbs maximum force, minimizing the potential energy transferred to a user’s head. The hardhat provides direct and angled impact protection, ensuring reduction in the risk of a life-altering injury to the skull and brain. Lightweight and comfortable, they come with removable ANSI Z87.1 rated visors and magnetic closing chin straps that will eliminate the dropping of a hardhat due to a fall or looking downward. Another impressive feature is an integrated digital tool enabling personnel to upload and store vital information. Utilizing this tool, the user can input important contact information and medical notifications. In the event of an emergency, a simple tap to the back of the hardhat with a smart device and the designated app will produce stored information in a matter of seconds. HSW rolled out this new hardhat to all employees toward the end of 2021 in a nationwide campaign.

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