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Developing a viable city takes more than adding buildings. Creating a vision, and a plan to get there, is critical. Who's behind the scenes in our region's growth spurt? What issues -- from designing and building infrastructure, housing and commercial projects to protecting natural resources -- need to be tackled to make sure our region remains livable?

Bellevue grows up
By Joe Nabbefeld, Journal Real Estate Editor
Will highway construction make traffic worse?
By Peter Hurley, Tranportation Choices Coalition
A look at how Seattle's housing got so expensive
By Jim Potter, Kauri Investments

Good urban design reflects the essence of a community
By Lee Copeland, Weinstein Copeland
  Can developers and their neighbors get along?
By Joe McNeely, Development Training Institute
'Young Turks' take on Seattle
By Marc Stiles, Special to the Journal of Commerce
  Northwest electricity markets blow a fuse
By Tom Karier, Northwest Power Planning Council
Can we add density without losing charm?
By Mary Johnston, Johnston Architects
  Forum looks at water needs of people and fish
By Russ Stepp, R.W. Beck
With landscaping, density can start to grow on you
By Barbara Oakrock, GGLO
  Good urban design requires focusing on parts and the whole
By Brad Broberg, Special to the Journal
Too much too soon? Rapid growth can bring crisis in construction quality
By Brain Brand and Tom Frye, Baylis Architects
  Mixed-use key to making density work
By Doug Hofius, Hewit Architects
NW designers out in front on architecture's green future
By David Miller, Miller/Hull
  Creating a vibrant, seamless downtown requires foresight
By Stephen Fina, Harbor Properties
Urban development in 2000: Does a river run through it?
By Susan Kemp, Landau Associates
  Contractors find downtown a tight fit
By Mark Spangler, Hoffman Construction
Higher quality design needed as urban neighborhoods flourish
By Scott Surdyke, Simpson Housing

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