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May 31, 2018


Photo provided by Turner Construction Co.
It took several years for Turner to develop its efficient approach to making concrete formwork.

Turner Construction Co.

Turner Construction Co. earned the 2018 innovation award for its unique approach to making concrete formwork more efficient and productive.

This work is often complex, requiring a high degree of expertise in order to execute successfully. Tight schedules and incomplete or late information add to the challenge of maintaining profitability.

Edge-form installation for post-tensioned concrete decks has always required high labor investments for low-dollar returns, and precise locations of edge, PT heads, and exterior envelope embeds are critical, and mistakes are costly.

The solution was found in the old PT edge form-installation process. Carpenters rip form materials to width on site, forms are installed in accordance with established layout, and post-tensioned cables are rolled out in location and draped over the edge form. Carpenters drill and install PT cones using the location of the cables for reference.

Embeds are installed per shop drawings, and any notching requirements are cut in place. Conflicts between edge, PT and embeds are often discovered and immediately rectified in the field.

Workflow improvements were developed in sequential order over a period of several years, each built upon its predecessor. A CNC machine allows forms to be cut and delivered “just in time,” averaging one deck per week.

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