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May 31, 2018

Construction Manager: Safety
Under 100,000 hours

Photo provided by Centennial Contractors Enterprises
Centennial employees get practical safety training even if they are not on the field team.

Centennial Contractors Enterprises

Centennial has a unique approach to safety. It is imbued in every aspect of the company culture.

Many companies focus on risk management paperwork, but Centennial ensures every person in the company has practical training on the biggest risks facing field construction workers.

Universal goals for Centennial employees include OSHA 30 with two-year, eight-hour renewals, silica/lead/asbestos awareness training, quality control management, and first aid/CPR/automated external defibrillator training.

This national commitment from Centennial means all team members have strong working safety knowledge, even if they are not part of the field team. Further, all members of the Centennial team design their own personal development plan, which includes additional safety courses and specialties for all field workers.

Unique to Centennial as well is the commitment to the subcontractor. Centennial offers many formal and informal mentorship opportunities, including lunch-and-learn lectures, safety trainings and priorities to disadvantaged subcontractors.

True commitment to safety is making education accessible to all, so safety culture extends beyond the company.

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