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May 19, 2023

Grand Award: Safety
General contractor 250,000 to 500,000 worker hours

Photo courtesy of JTM Construction
JTM’s core value of safety is based on its passion to protect its people and the community like family.

JTM Construction

General contracting can become very siloed, in all aspects of the industry. It is recognized that many times the demands of the contract (or sub-contract, or regulation, etc.) becomes the standard to work from, and no more. But investing in the industry has a return that is not always clearly recognized. Applying this to safety, the company understands that when it invests in the community and safety industry, it is ultimately investing in a better future for the individuals it tries to protect.

JTM’s core value of safety is based on its passion to protect its people and the community like family. That is why JTM partners with organizations like Milwaukee’s R&D department to test out new technologies on JTM projects and work with Milwaukee to offer feedback on what contractors need in emerging safety technology. Additionally, this desire to invest in the safety industry led to a relationship with CPWR and participating in jobsite climate research.

Beyond helping the researchers and innovators in technology, JTM also engages with the local community and academic institutions to invest in the next wave of safety professionals entering the workforce. JTM has engaged with Edmonds Community College to support and invite to JTM projects non-traditional interns through L&I’s retraining program. These internships may not result in job placement, but JTM gets the opportunity to develop individuals interested in safety as a career.

Additionally, JTM is developing an Introduction to Safety Management course for Renton Technical College’s Construction Management program — this coming from a demand from students to learn more about the safety field, which has resulted in an opportunity for JTM to invest in future safety professionals.

JTM also holds a high value in involvement with professional societies, safety committees and safety conferences. For the last few years, JTM has been a premier sponsor of Construction Safety Day (CSD), the ASSP Puget Sound Safety Symposium, and the annual Governor’s Industrial Health and Safety Conference. Beyond financial support, JTM’s safety team is involved in the management of these events, sitting in various committee, board and leadership positions.

JTM’s corporate safety director serves as the management representative of construction on the Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board, and is vice president of the board. On the CSD committee, one of JTM’s safety managers is involved in picking scholarship winners. In addition, JTM team members show up and participate. Conferences, committees, meetings: you will often see not one JTM representative, but many. That simple dedication — making sure JTM is present — is evidence of the company’s commitment to evolving the industry of safety.

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